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StealthDrive 750 garage door opener by Genie

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Model 7055

The StealthDrive 750 is an ultra-quiet garage door opener ideal for garages attached to living spaces. The StealthDrive 750 includes an integrated Battery Backup system for maximum safety and convenience.

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Belt Drive

  • 1¼ HPc* motor
  • Integrated Battery Backup
  • Limited Lifetime Motor & Belt Warranty **
  • 2 light bulbs – Genie LED light bulbs recommended (60 watt max if incandescent bulbs are used.)
  • GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology
  • Intellicode® Security
  • Compatible with Aladdin Connect
  • HomeLink® & Car2U® compatible
  • Precision machined motor & gearbox
  • Accessories

Special Features

  • 1¼ HPc* DC Motor: Lightweight for easier installation with the ability to provide power to operate residential sectional garage doors up to 7 ft. in height and 500 lbs. in weight.
  • GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology: Provides safety by continuously monitoring operation of the door, stopping the operation to alert you when significant changes occur.
  • Limited Lifetime** Motor & Belt Warranty: Precision Machined motor and gearbox are greased and factory sealed from the environment for long lasting, reliable performance which are guaranteed for the life of the operator.
  • Ultra-quiet Operation: Steel Reinforced Belt Drive System, paired with the quiet DC motor offers minimal noise, making operation quiet and smooth and ideal for garages close to living spaces.
  • Pre-Programmed Remotes: For faster installation, remotes are ready to use out of the box which eliminates 1 step during the initial installation process.
  • Compatible with Aladdin Connect smart device enabled garage door controller
    (Compatible as a stand-alone app or with IRIS® Home Automation System.)

Standard Features


Genie Buzz

Here's some of the best reviews & testimonials about the StealthDrive 750 garage door opener:

Chippy | August 13, 2017

So smooth and quieter than chain drive. Very happy with it!

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

QHFella | June 13, 2017

This unit is amazingly quiet...

This unit is amazingly quiet. I had to look to see if it was running when I was testing the wall button. When we get home, the dogs usually come running when we open the garage door, but they were caught napping with this one!

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

Sawdust | June 13, 2017

This is a great Garage door opener, incredibly quiet, easy to install.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

ShawnG2u | June 13, 2017

Great value, wonderful product, easy to assemble, definitely a top pick for an homeowner

Home Depot - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

M | March 04, 2017

This unit was very quiet. It was very easy to install...

Installed this unit last week, took me about 4 hrs, including removal of old unit. This unit was very quiet. It was very easy to install ... Has great power, upgrade from my 1/3hp.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

Sandyjdub | March 02, 2017

It has met my expectations on all aspects...

So quiet and love the outside keypad entry. I bought this model (1.25 HP) because it had plenty of power, battery backup, and outside keypad access. It has met my expectations on all aspects. A bonus was how quiet it is. We can't hear it in the house as we could with our old chain drive model. In fact, sitting in my car in the garage, I can't hear the door moving. The battery backup is a plus in the event we have a power outage. This winter has been stormier than usual, so loss of power was a real concern because it takes 2 people to open our garage door due to its weight.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

Steve | January 22, 2017

As advertised, it is indeed quiet. It operates flawlessly.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

RollTideTurner | January 11, 2017

Excellent, quiet, worth the price!!!

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

John | January 05, 2017

It is a breath of fresh air how quiet this is.

I'm pretty handy around the house, but have never installed a garage door opener before. I looked as several online, and this had the bang for the buck that we wanted, was on sale, and had good reviews. It took me and my 18 year-old son about 3 hours, start to finish, including all programming, taking down the old one, and installing the new one. This unit was much lighter than the one it replaced. One thing to mention is that the guide bar was about 9 inches shorter than the former one, which made mounting it a little bit of a challenge (it ended up being right between the studs, of course). Once installed and setup, it has worked like a champ. Compared to the chain drive, it is a breath of fresh air how quiet this is. Speed up and down is nice. So far, so good!

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

Rotuck | January 03, 2017

Product was easy to install... Unit was extremely quiet, no sneaking home on the wife anymore.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

Mroan | January 02, 2017

The unit is extremely quiet and strong.

I purchased this opener today to replace a 16 yr old screw drive Genie opener that had went bad on me. Directions are very clear and detailed, it took me 1hr 40min from the time I opened the box to the time I was complete. You can reuse your existing wires just make sure you hook them up in the correct order. The unit is extremely quiet and strong. I have a 7ft 2car fully insulated door and this unit has no problem opening it. Make sure you take your Time to set up the up/down settings and it you won't have any problems. I will be buying this unit for my other two garage doors.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

Setahook | January 01, 2017

Installation was very straightforward, and the unit functions flawlessly.

Lowe's - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

* 1¼ Horsepower Comparable (HPc) designates that this garage door opener meets Genie's lifting force specification for 1¼ horsepower garage door openers.

** See manual for limitations and details.