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Genie Featured on Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford

The national home improvement show Today's Homeowner recently featured Genie openers as part of its Satellite Media Tour.

( Read: Press release )

Genie Video: Today's Homeowner YouTube

1:58 | Posted: July 22, 2014


The Morning Blend

Milwaukee, WI

Genie Video: Today's Homeowner YouTube

2:16 | Posted: July 22, 2014


Virginia this Morning

Richmond, VA

Genie Video: Today's Homeowner YouTube

2:32 | Posted: July 22, 2014


San Diego Living

San Diego, CA

Genie Video: Today's Homeowner YouTube

1:50 | Posted: July 22, 2014


PA Live

Wilkes Barre, PA

Genie Video: Today's Homeowner YouTube

1:32 | Posted: July 22, 2014


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Genie Featured on How It's Made


Genie featured on Science Channel
television series How It's Made

The Genie Company was featured on the popular show How It's Made, appearing on Science Channel USA.

The four-person crew filmed Genie's assembly operation at its plant in Baltic. They covered the process of the direct drive screw opener assembly and the making of the screw drive rod.

(Visit the How It's Made website.)


The Genie 'Open Sesame' Video Contest

Genie 'Open Sesame' Video Contest WINNER!

Congratulations to Peter Sullivan and his amazing helpers, as they came away with the $5,000 first prize, plus a new Genie garage door opener by winning our first ever "Open Sesame" Video Contest!

We’d like to also thank and congratulate our top four finalists. Watch their video entries below.


Genie Video Contest: The Great Golf Bag Heist YouTube

0:53 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist


The great golf bag heist

'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (Walt Arnett)

Genie Video Contest: Genie Conquers All YouTube

0:45 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist


Genie conquers all

'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (Mupholz)

Genie Video Contest: Raging Genie YouTube

1:25 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist


Raging Genie

'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (DeAldrick Long)

Genie Video Contest: 911-GENIE YouTube

1:02 | 'Open Sesame' Finalist



'Open Sesame' Video Contest finalist (Lydia Ekeroth)


Best of the Rest

Genie Video Contest: Lost Canine Genie Alert YouTube

1:19 | 'Open Sesame'


Lost canine - GenieAlert!

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Noemi Trevino)

Genie Video Contest: The Genie Variety Show YouTube

0:51 | 'Open Sesame'


The Genie Variety Show

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Joel Levinson)

Genie Video Contest: Arnie the Ant YouTube

1:12 | 'Open Sesame'


Saved by the grace of Genie!

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Dan Bakst)

Genie Video Contest: The Perfect Garage YouTube

1:26 | 'Open Sesame'


Wish granted… and granted… and granted…

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Matthew Cataldo)

Genie Video Contest: We Have To Get The Genie YouTube

1:31 | 'Open Sesame'


If I had Genie, life would be so easy!

'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Eric Kilpatrick)

Genie Video Contest: Peek-A-Genie! YouTube

1:00 | 'Open Sesame'



'Open Sesame' Video Contest entry (Bryant Welch)


Installation Videos

Genie Intallation Video: Direct Drive Screw Opener YouTube

17:10 | December 2012


Direct Drive Screw Opener Installation

How to install and program your Genie Direct Drive Screw opener.

(For PowerMax® 1500 / 1200 and PowerLift® 900)

Genie Intallation Video: Chain/Belt Drive Opener YouTube

17:54 | February 2013


Belt/Chain Drive Opener Installation

How to install and program your Genie Belt or Chain Drive opener.

(For SilentMax® 1200 / 1000 and ChainMax 1200 / 1000)


Programming Videos

Genie Programming Video: Remote Control Programming YouTube

2:36 | December 2012


Remote Control Programming

How to program your remote control.

Genie Programming Video: Wireless Keypad YouTube

10:14 | December 2012


Wireless Keypad Installation & Programming

How to install and program your Wireless Keypad.

Genie Programming Video: Travel Limits & Force Control Programming YouTube

3:46 | December 2012


Travel Limits & Force Control Programming

How to set the travel limits for your Genie opener if you have recently replaced your garage door, springs, or hardware.


Video Library

Genie Video: IDA Expo 2012 YouTube

4:17 | January 04, 2013


IDA Expo 2012 – Las Vegas

See what all the latest buzz is with Genie at the IDA Expo, including the Hottest New Product as voted by independent dealers attending the show! (Hint... it's from Genie!)

Genie Video: Closed Confirm Remote YouTube

2:03 | January 09, 2012


Too much to remember? Closed Confirm to the Rescue!

Is life so hectic that the list of things you tend to forget gets bigger by the day? Let Genie's Closed Confirm Remote do its part to help you with one less thing to remember!

Genie Video: strongest brand name in openers YouTube

3:13 | June 8, 2011


The latest & greatest from the strongest brand name in openers

A complete new opener design (not just a redesign of older models) that offers strength, quietness, safety, security, and convenience...

Genie Video: Genie opener lifts heavy door YouTube

:44 | May 2, 2011


Genie garage door opener lifts heavy wind-load rated door

Genie's IntelliG 1000 features a powerful 3/4 HPc DC motor that's strong enough to operate some of the heaviest doors...

Genie Video: Genie opener lifts 14' high door YouTube

:44 | May 2, 2011


Genie garage door opener lifts 14' high door

Genie professional line garage door openers feature powerful DC motors strong enough to smoothly and quietly operate some of the tallest and heaviest doors...

Genie Video: Learn how to program your opener YouTube

1:33 | Feb 16, 2011


Learn how to program your opener, wireless keypad and remotes

Programming instructions for models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2042...