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Buzz (2011)

See what others have said about our garage door openers in 2011.

We think our Genie garage door openers are great, but we are not the only ones! Read some of the best reviews and testimonials of 2011. | December 3, 2011

It's peace of mind when you leave. You know your garage door is closed and your house is secure.

" I've been redoing a garage and I'm trying to find DIY stuff that makes your garage a nicer place to work or pull your car into or store your stuff, whatever you need. What's really unique about this (Genie) product, and I do this all the time when I go traveling, I close the garage door and I drive down the block and I go 'Did I close my garage door?' I just can't remember. So, I go back home (to look) just for peace of mind. (Genie's new remote control system) is called Closed Confirm. It's a little adapter that goes on the garage door (opener) that sends a light to the (remote). It gives you a green light if its good, or a red light if there's a problem. It's peace of mind when you leave. You know your garage door is closed and your house is secure. "

Michael Sommer ('Gadget Guy') America's Car Show

Radio program America's Car Show (approximately 550,000 listeners) did a segment about the Genie SilentMax 1000 opener
and Closed Confirm remote. Hear what the show's Gadget Guy, Michael Sommer, had to say...

Dowload audio excerpt:

HomeFix Show | December 3, 2011

'The IntelliG, TriloG, SilentMax, and PowerMax openers that you saw are (assembled) in Baltic, Ohio, right in the middle of Amish country...'

" The way we can do that is to have good automation, good quality, and good trained people so we invested in a great production line and we have great employees that are very dedicated, and that allows us to be able to compete..."

Mike Kridel, Genie President

Genie President Mike Kridel joins Joe Prin on the HomeFix Show for a second interview to discuss making
garage door openers in the U.S.A.

Handyman | November, 2011

'48 thumbs up for Genie!!!' (That's 2 thumbs per tester!)

We subjected the new Genie SilentMax 1000 belt drive garage door opener and Closed Confirm remote accessory to the ultimate critics 24 members of HANDY Magazine's Handyman Club of America:

"WOW! I never realized a garage door opener could be so quiet. One time my back was turned to the door, and when I pushed the button to close the door, it was so quiet I could not tell if it was working without turning around."

James S.

"I have a long driveway, and I've always hated getting to the end of it and wondering if I closed the door. This Closed Confirm adapter is awesome. The range isgood enough that I can hit the button and drive away, and by the time I get to the end of the driveway, this beauty tells me that the door is closed or lets me know if something happened and the door went back up. I love it!!!"

Ritchie C.

"OMG! The quietest opener ever. Sleek design looks great, and it was very easy to install."

Tom O.

HomeFix Show | November 5, 2011

'Genie's made a commitment to DC motors...'

"...Genie has made a commitment to DC motors, so across our whole lineup except for one model, we've committed completely to the DC lineup because it gives you more controllability and is quieter..."

Mike Kridel, Genie President

Joe Prin of the HomeFix show invites Genie President Mike Kridel to talk about what's new with garage door opener technology.

Facebook | December 4, 2011

'All of the new Genies are great...'

" I am a garage door tech here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and have found that my customers that have purchased a Genie from me are very happy and excited. "

Jason Dickinson, Oklahoma City, OK

Facebook | November 7, 2011

'I love Genie garage door openers!!!'

"They are the best! I have had others, and they do NOT compare to Genie!!!"

Mark J. Gibson

Blog post | November 30, 2011

'I love this garage door opener...'

" It is so much quieter than our last one. The last one would wake up the kids when it went up and down (their rooms are above the garage). With the new Genie Silent Max 1000, they sleep soundly when hubby has to leave work in the morning! It is a fabulous opener! "

Lori Gutierrez, Houston, TX.

HomeFix Show | October 22, 2011

Genie Digital Summit reveals insights from homeowners on important garage door opener features...

" From what I hear from you in your homes, on the phone, and on the air, here's the three big things that seem to be important (about openers). Tell me if you relate to any of this because this will come into play later. Number one, you want..."

Joe Prin

Home improvement radio show host Joe Prin shares insights gained from the Genie Digital Summit on the HomeFix Show.

Facebook | October 19, 2011

'I'm very impressed by the GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology. Cool stuff there!'

Adrian Thompson

Blog post | October 19, 2011

'I could not be more impressed with the attention to detail paid to these new garage door openers.'

Tabatha Muntzinger, Dayton, OH.


HomeFix Show | October 15, 2011

'...I got to meet and talk to the people who make the company what it is ... everyone I met had that fire and enthusiasm and drive for what they do...'

Joe Prin

Boise, Idaho radio show host and remodeling contractor Joe Prin visited the Genie Company headquarters in Mt. Hope, Ohio. He was so impressed that he shared his experience on the HomeFix Show.

Blog post | October 14, 2011

'It's commendable for a company to work hard to keep their business right where it started, where it supports several small communities in a rural area with a commitment to the people who helped them grow.'

Tabatha Muntzinger, Dayton, OH.

Blog post | October 13, 2011

'Another way that Genie demonstrates a commitment to customers is by providing a lifetime warranty on the gearbox and motor to the original purchaser. They are that confident in their product.'

Ethan Hagen, Cantonsville, MD.

Blog post | October 12, 2011

'If you like to buy products (assembled) in the US, Genie is your only option'

" It was also refreshing to hear Genie has a support line that's actually staffed by real humans residing right here in the USA. "

Marc Lyman, San Diego, CA.,

HomeFix Show | October 10, 2011

'Everyone I met at The Genie Company had that fire for what they do and was proud of it and what they make. Good job folks.'

Joe Prin, Boise ID.

Blog post | October 3, 2011

'I love the SilentMax 1000 and didn't even know how badly our opener needed to be replaced until I saw it in action!'

" Another thing that makes the SilentMax 1000 a great choice for busy families is the Closed Confirm remote. Now I never have to worry about getting halfway down the road and having to turn around to make sure I closed the door. "

Shasta Walton, Mobile, AL.

Blog post | October 02, 2011

'We have been using the SilentMax 1000 for about two weeks and one of my favorite things is how quiet it is...'

"...Our old garage door opener was so loud that you could hear it in the living room when the garage door would open, but no more. I also like the wireless keypad that I installed outside the garage door so I don't need to go inside the house or have my remote to open the door. "

Rob Babiak

Blog post | September 26, 2011

'For starters, [the SilentMax 1000] is about half the size and a quarter of the weight of our old opener...'

" With step-by-step instructions the installation was quite simple for my dad and husband. After an afternoon and evening, the Genie was fully installed and ready to be used. We opened the garage and were absolutely amazed at how quiet it was. In fact, the Genie didn't make any at all--only the garage door itself creaked as it rose. "

Beth Cable, New Orleans, LA.

Twitter | September 21, 2011

'[The SilentMax 1000] is fabulous!!! Love how quiet it is! Big change from our old one!'

Lori Gutierrez, Houston, TX.


Facebook | September 19, 2011

'Love my Genie, I have a 9 year old PMX500 and have never had a problem with it!'

Grissell Bustos, Lancaster, CA.

Twitter | September 19, 2011

'Thank you @TheGenieCompany for the great customer service. One call and the rep answered the product question and saved me some money.'

@anchorviewtech, Twitter

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