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ChainLift garage door opener from Genie

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The ChainLift provides value and reliability for those who desire a quiet, easy to install garage door opener.

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Chain Drive*

  • ½ HPc** DC motor
  • Push button programming for easy
  • Longer, more reliable life
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Special Features

  • ½ HPc** DC motor allows for quiet, smooth operation with soft starts and soft stops.
  • Easy to install: Lightweight unit and electronic push button programming make installation set up fast and easy.
  • Long life: Dual pinion gear chain drive system provides longer, more reliable life.
  • Comprehensive Safe-T-Beam® system meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations, and incorporates an auto reversing system that stops and reverses a closing door if anything passes through the beam.
  • Intellicode® rolling code technology prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it.

Standard Features


Genie BUZZ

Here's some of the best reviews & testimonials about the ChainLift 600 Model 1022 garage door opener:

The Wooger Man | January 04, 2017

So much better than expected!! SUPER QUIET!! Also, the speed ramps up at the beginning, then down at the end of travel. Must be a servo drive! Totally impressed!

Amazon - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review


Shirley Lyons | November 17, 2016

We are so glad that we installed the Genie ourselves and it is working great.

Amazon - 5 out of 5 stars / Full review

* Operates residential sectional doors up to 7’ high and up to 350 lbs. in weight. For doors higher than 7’, please see other models.

** Horsepower comparable (HPc) designates that this garage door opener meets Genie's lifting force specification for ½ horsepower garage door openers.